About the author

     Jacques Gélinas is a full-time essayist and lecturer on Third World issues. He trained originally as a sociologist at the Universities of Ottawa and Laval, and subsequently at the University of Chile and later as a researcher with FLACSO, the Facultad Latinoamericana de Chiencias Sociales. For over a decade (1959-71) he worked in popular education community development on the Bolivian Andes, during which time he collaborated with Juan Demeure, Paulo Freire and Ivan Illich. He then became a university teacher during the 1970s at the Université Nationale du Bénin. Jacques Gélinas moved on in the 1980s to work for the Quebec Government's Development of International Affairs, covering at different times Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. In 1992 he helped found, and became the first managing director of a new publishing house, Les Editions Ecosociété, which is dedicated to publishing on the political and social issues of a sustainable society.


        He is the co-author of a number of books, including: Pour un pays sans armée (Editions Ecosociété), Développement agricole dépendant et mouvements paysans en Amerique Latine (University of Ottawa Press), La Education en America Latina (Editora Limusa, Mexico), Agricultural Development and Agrarian Reform in Latin America (co-editor with Lawrence Alschuler) (University of Ottawa Press).

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Freedom From Debt

This essay is intended for readers interested in Third World issues, not necessarily specialists. It provides NGO workers and advocates of local development with a  coherent view of international aid, underdevelopment and autonomous development. It is a highly accessible message of commonsense and hope (…)

Juggernaut Politics

This wonderful book is what so many of us -- muddled, worried, wanting to make a difference -- have been waiting for.